The value of innovating and innovating as a value…

At apiros,  we promote innovation throughout our organisation; subsequently we compromise ourselves to look at the world from diverse perspectives everyday, creating this way our very own style, which identifies us within and outside the company.

Innovation at a apiros emerges from the need to structure innovative processes and ideas that throughout time has shaped our company into a spontaneous organisation instead of a structured one. This way of thinking has helped to give birth to “PRISMA¨, an innovation system that due to its transversality and service areas along all the company’s section, has the purpose to seek how to maximize the resources and human capital available to each project.

To have the power to transform reality through innovation processes separate us from the rest, by adding an aggregated value to the organisation and to the benefits that our clients and interest groups receive.

This is why we encourage active and daily participation of our company’s human capital, along every one of our production chain stages, to take part in activities, from finding opportunities to implementing our projects, to develop in them a sense of belonging from within. This policy has helped us to make of innovation not only a way work guideline, but it has taken us to develop it as a value that has an impact not only on our human capital’s working lives, but also on our human capital’s personal lives. Furthermore, we at apiros, support collaboration throughout our supply chain and alliances in order to identify processes and projects, from which research is generated, adding an aggregated value to all the parties that take part in them.

Our innovation system ¨PRISMA¨ includes 3 essential stages: the Discovery stage, where needs and opportunities are identified to then through brainstorming sessions free ideas with the potential to become viable and implementable projects that could get to transform our company in a positive manner.

Throughout the years, PRISMA has become the vital pillar of our organisation; it is our main research element to maximise the organisation’s work, and subsequently our main tool to contribute to create the best possible positive environmental impact, as well as to build a better society.


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