Doing Business in Colombia

Doing Business in Colombia

A Real Estate Business Structurer – Doing Business in Colombia

We generate and structure business opportunities in Colombia from our experience, background and vast knowledge of the real estate market and its various actors; these attributes enable us to make your goals a reality through innovative projects that have a positive impact on the country’s development.

Our starting point is the understanding of the market trends, as well as the legal, political and economic surroundings; such contexts are our background knowledge to analysis and determine the viability of prospective projects; based on this initial analysis we then elaborate a study on the legal aspects on the potential use of land plots, its surroundings, the nearby communities and the social and environmental impact that a project might have on the community.

We always seek to understand and learn in depth the needs, expectations and characteristics of clients part of the objective market, as well as the existing real estate market and its behaviour. Our goal is to design projects that satisfy and exceed our clients expectations, and therefore work on projects that will be successfully commercialised doing business in Colombia.

We build the financial structure and business plan from this information to successfully develop projects through alliances that create an aggregated value for all parties. We consult and coordinate different governmental institutions such as local municipalities, planning offices, public services providers and environmental authorities in order to ensure and guarantee that each of our projects will be developed according to the conditions and times initially established.

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