Apiros invests $ 76,000 million in real estate project in Puerto Colombia

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Apiros invests $ 76,000 million in real estate project in Puerto Colombia

4 agosto, 2016
Apiros invests $ 76,000 million in real estate project in Puerto Colombia

Apiros president, Jorge Lopez Esguerra stresses that the square meter offered by the city is very competitive. The project called Actually raise two towers and will be on the border with Barranquilla, in the Circunvalar.


How is the project developed?

Actually, is a development of two towers, each of 16 floors and 168 apartments in total with a modern design and modern finishes. With a total investment of 76,000 million pesos, this is a modern and innovative project that incorporates 21 different types of apartments with many design opportunities for our customers. With this project, we seek to offer housing solutions for middle and upper strata.

We are very pleased to reach this area with much expectation as we see the development prospects that have and want to contribute to building their future, we want to be present in the history of Puerto Colombia.

What makes it attractive to do so on grounds of the municipality?

Puerto Colombia is a strategic location within the development of the Caribbean Coast. Currently, this area attracts a large flow of development in infrastructure and we see a very attractive real estate dynamics. Puerto Colombia is reaching greatest growth, development and recovery in the city.

The cost per square meter or taxes was decisive for it?

No doubt the value per square meter is competitive with Barranquilla, but this was not the only decision criteria. This business comes at the invitation of Situm – Argos because the properties are part of its partial plan and saw it with good eyes.

How do you envision in the future to Puerto Colombia in its infrastructure?

Puerto Colombia is the new development area of Barranquilla, for its planning, urban planning, wide road and service infrastructure as well as its proximity to the trade, schools and major universities in the city. Not to be in Puerto Colombia is the past, present and future of Barranquilla and Coast.


By Nilson Romo Mendoza

Taken from El Heraldo

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